On this Demodokos website by the free lance classicist and musician  Bart Berman Demodokos you will find:

Goddelijke Gitaarstukken: Divine Guitar Pieces. This is Demodokos’ book  of guitar pieces  dedicated to ancient Greek gods and heroes.

Composities: Compositons.  Sheet music of Demodokos’ compositions for guitar, voice, piano, cello, choir.

Bijles:Private lessons Greek and Latin for students

Gitaarles: guitar lessons

Solfège: training of musical hearing

Lingua Batavorum: learning Dutch

Mythology: In a series of ten hourly sessions we will discuss those aspects of Greek and/or Roman Mythology that you are interested in.

Mythologie and Jiddisch lied: I do workshops on Music and Mythology, Ancient Song and Yiddish Song.

Prijzen: Prices.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at bartberman@gmail.com